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Although the earliest traces of the house date back to the time of Henry VII, there was probably a Medieval building here before. The Coppledyke Family was the first to live here- traces of there house can be seen in the diaper work on the tower above the front door and the ancient window at the back. We do know that the house was almost completely rebuilt by Vincent Amcotts, who bought the estate in the 1670s. There are memorials to both families in the church of St Mary's Church, next door. Descendants of the Amcotts eventually sold the estate after the First World War and during the twentieth century, there were six different owners, among them, Sir John & Lady Maitland who were responsible for much of the layout of the garden after the Second World War. In 1991, The Price family came to Harrington and have lived here happily ever since-despite the fire. Restoration took more than five years, now it is hard to believe that the house was nearly destroyed, as it looks just as it ever was.
Sundial in Kitchen garden