Harrington Hall Gardens
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Pedigree of Amcotts
Aisthorpe Branch
Vincent Amcotts of Harrington & Aisthorpe Great Great Grandson of Alexander Amcotts of Aisthorpe. Born Abt 1625 Died 25th May 1686 at Harrington Age 61
Vincent Amcotts of Harrington. Sherrif of Lincolnshire 1726 Born Abt 1683 Died 26th Aug 1733 Age 50
First Wife Helen Webberley of East Kirkby no issues. Second Wife Amy Mildway Born 14 Feb 1648 Died 20th Feb 1712 Age 64
Vincent Amcotts of Harrington.Born Abt 1720 Died 23rd may 1730 Age 10
Henry Amcotts of Harrington. Born 21st Jan 1684 Died 18th May 1705 Age 21 no Issues
Mary Amcotts of Harrington. Born 2nd Feb  1681 Died 18th Nov 1687  Age 16 no Issues
Elizabeth daughter of Rev  John Quincey of Aslackby born 1694 Died 12th Jul 1765 at Harrington Age 70
Charles Amcotts Born 1730 Died 14th Apr 1777  age 50 Sherrif of  Lincolnshire 1753 and was  MP for Boston he left his  Debits and vast amount of  Properties including Harrington to his sister Anna Maria except 27 acres of land in Winthorpe to his sister Frances
Anna Maria Amcotts of Harrington.Born 11th Apr 1725 Died 1st Jul 1800 at Harrington Aged 75
Sir Wharton Emerson of East Retford Born Feb 1740 at Hackthorne assumed the name of Sir Wharton Amcotts on 13th May 1777 lived at Kettlethorpe Hall Died 26th Sept 1807 Age 60
Elizabeth Emerson Amcotts Dau & sole Heir Born 24 Jun 1762 Married 1780 with no fortune or any Dowry Died 21 Sept 1812 Buried at Harrington.
Sir John Ingilby of Ripley Born abt 1757 borrowed money for restoration of Died 13th May 1815 age 58
Elizabeth Amcotts Born 1724 Died at Harrington 10 May 1762 Age 38
Frances Amcotts Born abt 1726 Died 21st Apr 1810 Age 84 Was the final heir to the Harrington Estate her Will dated 27th Feb 1808 Leaving the Estate of Harrington Ausgusta Ingilby the Dau of her Niece with proviso to Diana Ingilby if she succeeded to Kettlethorpe Estate
Edward Buckworth of  Washingboro Died Oct 1793 at Spalding
John Ingleby Born 12 Apr 1781 at Ripley Died 10 Dec 1799 & Buried At Bristol Age 18
Sir William Amcotts Ingleby Born 20 Jun 1783 Died 14 May 1854 He was Tenant for life of Kettlethorpe Estate From 1823 to 1832 he was Mp for Lincolnshire
Elizabeth Amcotts Ingleby of Fiskerton Born 11th May 1784 Died 15 Jun 1854 age 70 Succeeded to the Kettlethorpe Estate on the death of her brother William in 1854
Augusta Amcotts Ingleby  Born 29th Apr 1776 Died  16th Jan 1857 age 80
Robert Cracroft of Hackthorne Born 25th Jan 1783 Died 3rd Sept 1862 Age 79
Diana Amcott Ingleby Born 10th Sept 1790 Died 10th Jun 1841 Age 51 Married William Campbell 1811 Had 1 son William Born 1812 Died 1835 age 23
Julia Wharton Born Feb 1794 Died 13 Nov 1836 Buried at Ripley Married Admiral Sir Robert Barrie Died 7th Jun 1841 left Son and Heir to the Ingleby Estates William barrie
Constance Amcotts Ingleby Born 26 Jul 1795 in Switzerland
Weston Cracroft-Amcotts of Kettlethorpe Born 1815 Died 1883.
Owned Harrington Hall